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Tattoo Tribe Clothing draws it's inspiration from the rich history and extraordinary range of tattoo designs, patterns and symbols from tattooing around the world. We have used those designs to create the the very latest in tattoo clothes, fashion apparel and decorative items. There are few cultures on the planet that do not embrace the practice of body art, art that glorifies both the culture itself and raises up the human form as a spiritual symbol of it's beliefs and way of life. Tattooing recognizes no borders and in the words of Captain James Cook in 1779, "The universality of tattooing is a curious subject for speculation."

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Tattoo Tribe Clothing incorporates tattoo designs from the traditional tribal tattooing of Southeast Asia and the South Pacific, to the aristocrats of Victorian England, to the classic pin-up girls and icons of the 1930's, to the kanji tattoo designs so popular today. Tattoo Tribe has painstakingly created tattoo clothes, fashion & apparel inspired by original art from the archives and collection of West Coast Tattoo and Museum for your pleasure and enjoyment. Tattoo Tribe allows you to wear your art on your sleeve!

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Tattoo Tribe clothing & products inspired by classic tattoo designs

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